Healing Hands Skin Therapy


Gift Certificate usage instructions

Thank you for choosing to purchase a Healing Hands Skin Therapy gift certificate. You may obtain this gift certificate in one of the following ways: Please note, you MUST include the order number from your confirmation email to validate the gift certificate! Also, gift certificates expire one year from purchase. 1. Print (or show using a smart phone) order confirmation email which includes the unique order number and bring to Healing Hands to redeem. OR 2. Print downloadable gift certificate and in the space after, "Valid Until," write in unique order number & expiration date (one year from purchase) from the confirmation email. OR 3. Request printed gift certificate to be mailed from Healing Hands by forwarding confirmation email to healinghandspringfield@gmail.com with desired address. You may also call Healing Hands at 417.886.2600 with your name and order confirmation number to request a gift certificate to be mailed. Please allow up to one week for this option. Please call 417.886.2600 or email healinghandspringfield@gmail.com with questions. Many thanks!